Ben’s first experience with shooting came when he joined the United States Marine Corps and from his very first shot he became hooked while earning multiple Marksmanship Expert Awards with both the Rifle and Pistol. It was during this time he also developed a knack for firearms instruction where helped hundreds of Marines improve their shooting abilities. During his time as a Marine Infantryman he was able to expand his knowledge to other firearm and weapons platforms and was often part of the teams selected to demonstrate a systems operational effectiveness.
After leaving active duty Ben continued his personal training and teaching by helping family and friends learn to shoot and introducing them to firearms. During this time a couple of major incidents happened which shifted his focus from target / sport shooting to becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor. This shift has lead Ben to strive to make himself and others better prepared to defend themselves and take personal accountability for their safety.
Ben has over 20 years of firearms experience and is enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge with others. His credentials include:

Defensive Firearms Coach through I.C.E. Training (
Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Instructor through I.C.E. Training
NRA Basic Instructor for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
NRA Personal Protection in the Home
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Affiliate Instructor for USCCA
NRA Life Member

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