[sis-tuh m]

1. an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex orunitary whole:

a mountain system; a railroad system.

2. any assemblage or set of correlated members:

a system of currency; a system of shorthand characters.

Welcome back folks! We are happy you could join us for Episode 2. This week we are diving into personal defense carry considerations. Our approach is to discuss things that should be considered as part of your personal defense system. This systematic approach allows you to carry these items in conjunction with one another or not. We understand that not everyone is ready to carry or able to carry a firearm all the time or in all locations/jurisdictions. Additionally, we do not think that a firearm is a magic talisman that wards away evil. While we cover some firearm information it is not the main focus of this episode, though it will be the topic of future episode(s). We do cover each of the other items a little more in depth to assist you with building your personal defense system. Whether you carry a firearm, knife or any other defensive tool, it should be considered as one part of your personal defense system. Mindset, general awareness, skills (gained through training with your tools), unarmed combative skills and fitness should all be considered as part of your personal defense system. We are not saying that you need to go become a ninja or a track star, but some basic concepts and principles will go a long away to help you get out of a confrontation you cannot avoid or de-escalate; just like a basic level of cardiovascular health will aid in avoidance or during the actual fight. If you find yourself in a jurisdiction, establishment or workplace that does not allow you to be armed, or you just chose not to be, you will still have unarmed combative skills and physical fitness to assist in surviving a confrontation. Even if you do have a firearm these same skills will possibly help you create space to access it or another defensive tool. Whether you carry a firearm or not, we will dive into items that should be considered as part of your personal defense system to help you live and lead a safer life. Please always remember to seek out contextually accurate and quality training.


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  1. Mike Foster says:

    Excellent information in this episode. Thanks to you guys, Evan & Ben, for spending your time to put this together & to publish it for those of us who need to know, which would be a multitude of us.

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