1. the established set of attitudes held by someone.
knowledge or perception of a situation or fact; concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

Thanks for joining us this week on the Personal Defense Talk Podcast, we are continually working on making the show better. Whether that be audio quality or content, we are working hard to bring you solid information on personal defense topics.
If you have show ideas, guest recommendations and or questions, please don’t hesitate and send us an email @ Info@PersonalDefenseTalk.com
We have already booked the guests for the next 4 episodes and we are working on the calendar for the 2nd half of April and the beginning of May.
This week’s episode we discuss mindset and awareness. We start with sharing our general thoughts on what each of those words means. “Your life is more important then the bad guys” Remember if you truly tried to avoid and deescalate the confrontation and the bad guy persists in causing you serious bodily harm or tries to cause death, generally you are justified in using defense to protect yourself from those acts. **Please consult counsel in your jurisdiction for clarification on exact laws including both statutory and case law and please remember it is your responsibility to understand the law fully.  In our opinion if you need to provide force to prevent death of self/family/innocent 3rd party then you were not left with a choice, you didn’t choose to take their life, you did not have a choice. Now understand that morally and ethically you DO have to live with your decisions and that is just as big of a concern as getting training to use your pistol. The mental side of the equation is a huge component to successful personal defense both before during and after the confrontation itself.
Remember along with rights come responsibilities, you may have the right to carry your firearm (if that is one of your chosen PD tools) however, you also have the responsibility to prepare both mentally and physically to be able to use it.
Questions and or realizations you may want to consider if you are serious about Personal Defense!
  • Are you capable of taking someone’s life?
  • Are you ready to press the trigger of your carry gun/home defense gun with a real person on the other end?
    • The above question is often rationalized like this “well if someone was hurting my dog/kid/husband/sister….” would you do it for YOURSELF?
  • What does my religion say about taking someones life?
    • Generally most religions view personal defense as acceptable.
  • What will my family and friends say?
  • Am I prepared for the aftermath of a personal defense encounter? Legally?
  • Violence happens everywhere, even in safe neighborhoods across america, even in the richest most affluent areas of this great country. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU (We sincerely hopes that it does not, it is more likely to not happen to you if you understand this and prepare for the case in which it will.)
  • The police are a generally auxiliary deterrent, and, there are not enough police men/women to protect us even if we lived in the Tom Cruise Minority Report type of world.
  • Tell yourself you can and will win, if you let defeat creep in your mind then your sub conscious will tell your conscious brain its okay to loose because you have already made up your mind.
  • Do you know what happens to the body under stress? Do you understand the bodies natural reactions?
  • Fight/Flight/Freeze considerations, study what these are and what causes them, if you are aware of them you may be less likely to freeze in a confrontation.

In this episode we also discuss awareness and where we think the industry has failed us in implementing awareness training. We absolutely think that general awareness is a good thing, however being overly aware can cause us to miss things or possibly just be focused on the wrong things. We also need to understand that the bad guys are waiting for us to let our guard down, at the times we are the most vulnerable. This is why we say a general awareness is good, it does help prevent being selected as a target, but understand that the moment you look at the menu so you can order your dinner, or the moment you look down to check a text message alert and phone message from a loved one, the attacker may select that as the time to strike. It probably wont lessen the severity of the attack either. These cowards are not looking for a fair fight, they are looking for a easy unaware target they can ambush. For a good example of our feelings on awareness read the article written by Grant Cunningham on the PDN site. The link is below in the show links.

Below is a list of a few articles we came across during the recording of the show. Some have tons of useful information, others you may have you may have to read and sift through. Keep in mind some of these articles are shared for the purposes of sharing alternate view points on the topics we discussed.
These first 2 however, are definitely not opposition views, both Grant and Chris have written excellent articles with these two from PDN.
 If you appreciate our recommendations please purchase by clicking on the images and or links below. We get a small percentage of the sales price through our amazon affiliate program. It does not cost you a penny more, and at the same time it helps support our website and podcast. It is an easy way for you to support us and at the same time, most of these items cannot be found fore a lower price.

  1. Mike Foster says:

    As in earlier episodes, the content is very useful to the individual who has considered taking advantage of his/her rights to personal defense in an active way. I’m glad that you stress the responsibilities that accompany the exercise of those rights. I noticed a distinct improvement in sound quality in this episode. Someone suggested that it might be because you are now keeping your microphones a consistent distance from your faces. For whatever reason, this is a very positive move. I particularly appreciated your use of the Grossman quote in this episode. He is an excellent resource for information akin to the topics you guys discuss. Thanks for your efforts & for a great chat. PDT is becoming a Saturday evening habit at our house.

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