1.(of a situation or event) too unlikely or undesirable to be considered a possibility.

1.a situation involving exposure to danger; a person or thing regarded as likely to turn out well or badly, as specified, in a particular context or respect.

a person or thing regarded as a threat or likely source of danger.

Verb: risk; 3rd person present: risks; past tense: risked; past participle: risked; gerund or present participle: risking

1. expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.


This week on episode 6 we talk to William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting, William has a very interesting background that lends itself well to people like us who are interested and serious about personal defense. He hits things head on and does not pull punches, that’s what we like to hear. On this episode we discuss the hard topics and questions and you may be surprised at the answer he provides.


Some of the questions we cover on the show are listed below. Make sure you listen to hear the answers.

What is Aprill Risk Consulting?

What is Unthinkable?

Sometimes people ask, “why we train for something that is “never” going to happen to me. How would you answer someone with this mindset?

Are Violent Criminals made or are they born this way? How does our society perpetuate these animals? Videogames?

How do these criminals identify their victims?

What steps can we take to avoid these criminals or is it possible to even avoid them?

Why do these criminals commit such heinous acts? Can we even address that question/answer as sane individuals or are we asking for too much?

What considerations would you give to our audience to mitigate the risk of VCA?

What are common mental and philosophical errors that law abiding citizens make that are training to be prepared for violent attacks?

What is pre-need decision-making?

How do we deselect ourselves as a victim?

What would one expect to go through, mentally, if involved in a violent encounter both from an aspect of “winning” and “losing (if they survive the encounter)”?

What does Personal Defense mean to you? Why is it important?


Click Here for Info on the Safety Solutions Academy and Aprill Risk Consulting joint course, “Unthinkable” that was mentioned on the show.

Click Here for Info on the Non for profit Charity, “Give an Hour” that William mentions on the Show.

Give an Hour, is a nonprofit organization providing free mental health services to U.S. Military personnel and families affected by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.



William Aprill Bio

William has 15 years’ experience across the gamut of mental health care as a licensed health professional. He currently maintains a private practice and consultancy specializing in post-traumatic interventions among other things.

William is a former deputy sheriff (Louisiana— Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana). He has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990. He maintains an active schedule both as student and teacher.

Through his company Aprill Risk Consulting, he has presented his material on violent criminals and their decision-making, defensive incident aftermath, mindset development and defensive preparedness nationally, including at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, Tactical Response Alumni Weekend, and at Paul-E-Palooza, the memorial conference and fundraiser for the family of the late Paul Gomez.

Recently he has also taped some training blocks with our friend, Rob Pincus, over at the Personal Defense Network. These training blocks will be incorporated into 2 training DVD’s that were just released in the last 3-6 months, these DVD’s will cover defensive decision-making and mindset development to just name a few.



Personal Defense Network


  1. Mike Foster says:

    From the “content” aspect, this was the best episode to date. There was plenty of critically important information for the novice & for the advanced concealed carrier. For all of us, it is necessary to make that determination that we can indeed act if we are subject to attack. I fear that, for too many of us, it is simply assumed that we will act in accordance with the demands of the moment, should the thugs choose us. Mr. Aprill made the point that this is not the case & that we must address beforehand whether or not we are prepared to use our training and/or our weapons.

    For the first time, in listening to PDT podcasts, I found it necessary to keep adjusting the volume up or down. The level of the three voices was not equal, so I had to turn it down when Aprill talked, then back up when Evan or Ben spoke.

    Thanks for what you guys are doing. We need this information!

    • Evan Carson says:

      Thanks again for all of your feedback Mike, we are working on the audio to make that go away. We regret that you had to do this. It should be all fixed in the next 1-3 shows.

      PDT Hosts

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