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Welcome, and thank you for joining us for our first podcast episode. We hope you enjoy the show and continue to join us each week for a new episode. This show is really just a brief overview of what our plans are for the show. As well as what you can expect as a listener. The important thing to understand is that personal defense does not just encompass one tool or technique,  it involves many different physical and mental devices as well as defensive tools that can be used together in conjunction, while you may not use all of your tools in a encounter you will certainly use more then one to be successful.

Our goal with this podcast is to provide personal defense information that will help you and your family lead a safe live’s.


Below is a excerpt from our “About Us” page and our First “Blog” Post. Please listen to the show and be sure to leave your thoughts/comments here or on our Facebook page.

“We launched the Personal Defense Talk podcast, Facebook page and website over the last few days in preparation for the episode one release this weekend. PDT will focus providing Personal Defense information to educate the audience and help them lead safer lives, through a multidisciplinary approach. Not focusing on one tool or method. Future shows will include wide ranging topics from items to carry on your person to home alarm systems to parking lot safety.

The hosts are Ben Turner and Evan Carson, local to the Northern Virginia area, both are serious about Personal Defense both as students and practitioners, but also as instructors and family men.

Other information that will be covered is below. If you have ideas or specific questions relating to personal defense please get on our Facebook page and leave us a comment or PM to for future discussion on air.”


To read the full Blog article please Click Here!

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